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Bio:                       Life Long Resident of Watertown. Massachusetts
                               Married since 1949 to Ann Marie Ford
                               Korean War Veteran
                               Licensed Insurance and Real Estate Broker
                               Professional Performer for over 40 years

Business:                Owner of MAGIC ART STUDIO, MAGIC ART BOOK COMPANY
                               and MINI MUSEUM OF MAGIC for over 25 years

Membership:          Honorary Member of the Society of American Magicians
  (Clubs)                  Member and Past Territorial Vice President of the.International
                               Brotherhood of Magicians. - Founder & Past Pres.of IBM Ring 122
                             . Boston. MA
                               Member Magic Collectors Association (MCA) Chicago
                               Founder and Past President of to New England Magic Collectors Assoc
                               Member of Inner Magic Circle Wit Gold Star (Magic Circle, England)
                               Member of the S.A.M. Hall of Fame
                               Life Member of Knights of Columbus

Serves on:               Historian ComnŮttee on SAM. Hall Of Fame Board of Directors
                               Past Advisor to S.A.M. National President
                               Chairman of S.A.M. Honorary Membership
                               Milboume Christopher Foundation Awards Committee
                               S.A.M. Physic Committee, etc.

Awards:                  National Society of American Magicians
                               Silent Mora Ring 122
                               S.A.M. Herman Hanson Assembly #9
                               Slydini Award
                               Society of Young Magicians (SYM)
Spotlighters Variety Entertainers Club. etc.

Publications:            4 Hard Bound Books and over 30 Manuscripts and Paperbacks

                               TWELVE HAVE DIED (Ben Robinson Author)
                               JOHN HENRY ANDERSON-WIZARD OF THE NORTH
                                     (Constance Pole Bayer (author)
                               THE FINE ART OF HOCUS POCUS (John Booth Author)
                               KEYS TO MAGICíS INNER CIRCLE (John Booth Author)

RAY GOULET: SEEN THROUGH A PRISM - A wonderful article about Ray by John Booth from the pages of The Linking Ring

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