In addition to some very rare pieces of apparatus, the Museum has the largest collection in the world of P & L (Petrie Lewis manufactured items)

You will also find some very unique personal pieces belonging to HOUDINI,. HERMANN, ADELAIDE HERMANN, RAYMOND, DEL 0 DEL,. HARDEEN, HERMAN HANSON, BLACKSTONE. OKITO and many, many more.

You will see the original Oriental Robe and acessories worn by Marco the Magi
(Cesareo Pelaez) in the very first LeGrand David Shows. A complete stage wardrobe worn by Celeste Evans, a very fine manipulator, was donated to the museum.

In the HOUDINI display is the Silver Punch Bowl presented to Houdini in Germany in
1913 by his assistants, a costume worn by Bess Houdini. and Chinese Sticks custom made by Brema especailly for HOUDINI (one of a kind). These were presented to the Museum by Bill Rauscher.

Please visit our galleries to view photos of some of our collections:

Gallery 1
Gallery 2

Or Click here to view a Quicktime virtual tour of our museum. (Requires Quicktime be installed on your computer.) Run the file, move your curser into the window, and then drag the curser around, holding down the mouse button to navigate.


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